The Geekest Drink

let x = nerds + beer

What it is

The short answer: we’re going to the pub.

What it isn’t

There’s loads of brilliant networking events for us techies in the north-east, like the excellent SuperMondays. That’s not what we’re about — we just want to get a bunch of geeks around a table. Think making friends, not contacts. Obviously there’s plenty of shop talk to be had, but more important is getting some of Newcastle’s great tech people together in some of Newcastle’s great pubs.

Are you coming or what?

If you’re up for a couple — and meeting some new people — why not add your name to the list, and check out what other folk are up to on Twitter?

Of course, if you don’t want to be listed, you’re still more than welcome on the night!

The regulars

  1. Andi Farr @semiBad

    July? Fucking hell.
  2. Jamie Hurst @JamieFDHurst

    About buggering time
  3. Andrew Taylor

    Hell Freezes Over
  4. Peter Bull @RoguePlanetoid

    Better month hopefully
  5. Phil Wright

    What Jamie said
  6. lafaR @paroxp

    Polish German Anger
  7. Matt Wade @mattwade87

    actual forward planning
  8. Ben Cooper

    May Turn Up
  9. Chris S @skipchris

    trout herring salmon
  10. Jay Hoggett

    Student Wannabe Dev
  11. Martin Underhill @tempertemper

    Anal front ender
  12. Graeme Tait @burriko

    Anal back ender
  13. Anthony Sterling

  14. Richard Carter @RichardCarter

    Prune Brothers unite!
  15. Mark Hemmings @mhemmings

    Beer beer beer
  16. Ryan Lewis Daives @ryanldavies

    MD of Gospelware
  17. Elizabeth Gardiner @libwella

    Has own teeth
  18. Tim Walker

  19. Armin Talic

    Always. Be. Closing.
  20. James George Dunn @jamesgeorgedunn

  21. Mike Shaw @mikeshawdev

    Beer? Hell yeah!
  22. Alex Graham @slapbitch

    Swein Hund Drunk
  23. Gavin Elliott

    Mr Optimus Prime
  24. Vic Bell @vic_bell

    Proper Mint Lass
  25. Kevin Gibson

    To Infinity and
  26. Michael Strong @micmania1

    I like turtles.
  27. Steve Jenkins

  28. David King @oodavid

    atom smashingly good
  29. James Rinklefork @jtruk

    There in person
  30. Jose Marcelino @jmarcelino

    Open to signals
  31. Sylvia @sylbak92

    Little friendly troll
  32. Marc Qualie @marcqualie

    Why only three?
  33. Joe Tidmarsh @mrjovis

    About fucking time!
  34. Craig Tweedy @CraigTweedy

    Slam Dunk Funk
  35. Peter McAtominey @pmcatominey

    What's the menu?
  36. Tobias Wilkins @RetroWilkins

    Ohm nom nom
  37. Kevin Richards @asciiworks

    Blowing Off Cobwebs
  38. Graham Soult @soult

    retail shops stores
  39. Ben Francis @bfrancis

    01000010 01100101 01101110
  40. David Glass @davideglass

    That time again?!

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