The Geekest Drink

let x = nerds + beer

What it is

The short answer: we’re going to the pub.

What it isn’t

There’s loads of brilliant networking events for us techies in the north-east, like the excellent SuperMondays. That’s not what we’re about — we just want to get a bunch of geeks around a table. Think making friends, not contacts. Obviously there’s plenty of shop talk to be had, but more important is getting some of Newcastle’s great tech people together in some of Newcastle’s great pubs.

Are you coming or what?

If you’re up for a couple — and meeting some new people — why not add your name to the list, and check out what other folk are up to on Twitter?

Of course, if you don’t want to be listed, you’re still more than welcome on the night!

The regulars

  1. Andi Farr @semiBad

  2. Elizabeth Leonard @libwella

    Small. Red. NOTDEAD
  3. Graeme Tait @burriko

  4. Catherine Hopkins

  5. Alex

    Beer monster fiend
  6. Chris S @skipchris

    no jacket required
  7. Andy Kelly

    who am I?
  8. Ben Francis @bfrancis

    Mozillian up North
  9. Richard Carter

    So. Much. Lego.
  10. Liam Defty @LiamDefty

    The new kid
  11. Jank Rumblefoam @jtruk

    Two LONG years
  12. Alan Morris @dippigu

    Falls like rain
  13. Phil Wright

    Sight. Sore. Eyes
  14. Tim Walker

  15. Laura Bee

    Enjoys a cuddle!
  16. Martin Underhill @tempertemper

    Count me in
  17. Rafal

    Why not indeed?
  18. Shannon

    Cats. Chocolate. Cycling.
  19. coldclimate

    frequently not there
  20. Phil Hayton @gotbadger

  21. steeeeeeve @garden97077655

  22. Megan Corker

    Chimp an zee
  23. Tim Brock

    Rubbish at these
  24. Jo Hardy @johardydesign

  25. Joe Tidmarsh @mrjovis

  26. Shepy

    Badgers everywhere chief
  27. Ben Cooper

  28. Anthony Sterling @anthonysterling

  29. Marc Qualie @marcqualie

    Long time no..
  30. Richie McFarlane @Weaves81

  31. Davood Koong

    beers for bears
  32. Simon Bostock @Wildheart_Baby

    Code and Beer
  33. Sarah Cox

    American in Geordieland
  34. Matthew Cochrane

  35. Scott Walton

    Loves a beer
  36. Mike Shaw

  37. Jamie Hurst @JamieFDHurst

  38. Paul Bingham @Paul_A_Bingham

    nothing to say
  39. Peter McAtominey

  40. Richard Powell

    Monkey make code
  41. Nathan Dunn @nathanjdunn

    Tells bad jokes
  42. Cate stoker @catherine_x_X

  43. Cal @dithreabhach

    Opsimath Beer Zines
  44. Hilton Riddex @hiltonriddex

    I love lamp!

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